Millenium Rooster

2020 AQHA Bay Stallion

Photos and videos taken in May 2020

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    • Born: 2020
    • Breed: AQHA
    • Color: Bay
    • Breeder: Rabboni Performance Horses
    • Owner: Rabboni Performance Horses
    • Specialty: Reining
    • Millenium Rooster

    • Mifillenium
      Capitana N Glo
    • Mifillena
      Elderberry Hon
      Frozen Sailor
      Rooster Flash N Glo
    • Smart Little Lena
      Miss Freckles Last
      Elderberry Ace
      Bonans Honey Leo
      Sir Jac Frost
      Sail On Sweetness
      Ricochet Rooster
      RS Flash N Glo




      Lifetime earnings in excess of $44,653.97

      • 1999 Willyamstone NRHA Open Reserve Champion;
      • 2000 Catasauqua NRHA Open Champion;
      • 2001 Fort Worth NRHA Novice Horse Open Champion;
      • 2000 Katy Breeding Classic Intermediate Open Reserve Champion;

      Mifillenium is the sire of earners in excess of $108,188.69:

      • CN Tari Bow Mif ($5,156.96: 2006 IRHA Summer Slide Snaffle-Bit Open Champion; IRHA–NRHA Futurity Open finalist, AQHA–ISSP Futurity 4-year-old Non-Pro 3rd, NRHA Manerbio Limited Open 5th);
      • Snappyllenium Mr (2006 Al Futurity Intermediate Open 4th & Open 6th);
      • CN Missilenuim ($32,693.68: 2006 ALR Futurity Non-Pro & Intermediate Non-Pro Champion; LR Manerbio Novice Horse Non-Pro Champion; IRHA–NRHA Futurity Intermediate Non-Pro 3rd & Non-Pro 6th; 2007 23 Classic NRHA Non-Pro Co-Champion; IRHA-NRHA Derby Non-Pro Finalist; IRHA-NRHA Maturity Non-Pro Finalist; IRHA Challenge Futurity Non-Pro Finalist; AIQH-ISSP Futurity 4-year-old Non-Pro Champion);
      • Cnsweet Mifi Bambina ($19,109.97: 2008 IRHA-NRHA Futurity Non-Pro Finalist; 2008 IRHA-NRHA Futurity Intermdiate Non-Pro Reserve Champion; 2008 IRHBA Futurity Champion; 2009 NRHA European Futurity Non-Pro Finalist; 2009 IRHA-NRHA 4-year-old Futurity Finalist);
      • CN Codyum ($14,298.89: 2009 IRHA-NRHA Futurity Open & Intermediate Open Finalist);
      • Born To Be Mine ($6,018.20: 2009 IRHA-NRHA Futurity Non-Pro, Intermediate Non-Pro & Limited Non-Pro Finalist);
      • Red Dualenium ($2,082.19: 2006 IRHA–NRHA Futurity Open Finalist);
      • Real Genuine Mif (2006 IRHA–NRHA Futurity Limited Open Finalist);
      • CN Pretty Boy Mifi (2007 Summer Slide Snaffle-Bit Non-Pro 3rd);
      • OT Watch Me Lenium (2007 TRHA Futurity Non-Pro & Intermediate Non-Pro 4th; IRHA-NRHA Futurity Intermediate Non Pro finalist).


    Capitana N Glo

    2012 AQHA Red Dun Mare


      Lifetime earnings in excess of $19,426.52

      • 2015 NRHA European Pre-Futurity Level 4 Finalist
      • 2015 IRHA Futurity Level 4 Open Finalist
      • 2016 NRHA European Futurity Level 4 Open Finalist
      • 2016 ARHA Austrian Futurity Level 4 Open Champion
      • 2016 Breeders Futurity Level 4 Open Finalist